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Yeshua was destined to be hidden from the people of Israel for a while:

Some of the Rabbis taught that the Messiah was to disappear from Israel for a while and then reappear.

We see this in Moses and Joseph, who were hidden from the people of Israel for a while after they were rejected. 
But then later they reappeared to Israel - as their saviors. 
The rabbis taught that in the same way king David disappeared from Israel for 6 months in the days of Abshalom his son. 
This is however shown even clearer in the way David was hidden from Israel in the Days of Saul.

Similarly Jesus is hidden from the people of Israel today, and as with King David, a few choose him as leader, willing to follow him where he leads.  400 dissatisfied persons gathered around David.  Later they became his 'Mighty Men' and leaders in his kingdom. 

Likewise today those few who have gathered to Jesus will be rewarded greatly when he finally is accepted by all Israel.

The Hebrew name of Jesus - Yeshua - ישוע

The Hebrew name of Jesus is Yeshua and is similar to our English name Joshua.  Both Joshua son of Nun (Moses' helper) and Jesus of Nazareth are called 'Jesus' in the New Testament because the name 'Jesus' in English is derived from the Greek translation of the Hebrew name Yeshua or Yehoshua.  Many modern Israelis who do not believe in Yeshua often call him Yeshu. This may have come about from the retranslation into Hebrew of the name JesuCristo.  Although it may also be a reluctance to call him Yeshua, because Yeshua means 'salvation' in Hebrew. 

The birth of Abraham and the birth of modern Israel

Terah became the father of Abraham and his brothers 1948 years after Adam according to the Bible.  The modern state of Israel was founded 1948 years after the birth of Jesus - the 'Second Adam'.  (For an interesting discussion of Acts 7:2-4 and the age of Terah at Abraham's birth, see this article).

The Messianic Meal in Ruth 2:14

Ruth 2:14 is explained in the Midrash on Ruth as refering to the Messiah and his kingdom.  Elements include "drawing near to the kingdom", "The bread of the kingdom", "The suffering of the Messiah", "The disapperance and reappearance of the Messiah".  For more info, see the book "The Midrash of the Messiah" by Risto Santala.


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