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Bible Papers by Mark S. Haughwout

Hebrew Bible (Old Testament):

The Abrahamic Covenant (HTML) - (PDF)

Prefixes and Suffixes of the Divine names in Genesis (HTML) - (PDF) - another refutation of the Documentary Hypothesis

Ezekiel's Time on His Side - Ezekiel chapter 4 (HTML) - (PDF)

Dating the Book of Daniel (PDF) (2013 update) - old html here (2009 version)  - a survey of the evidence for an early date for the authorship of Daniel

Hezekiah and Sennacherib (HTML) - (PDF)

Kings and Chronicles - A Comparison (HTML) - (PDF)

Ruth 3:3 (HTML) - (PDF)  Verbal problems

Ruth 4:5 (HTML) - (PDF) The textual problem

Humor in the Bible (HTML)(PDF) the story of Jonah and others

NEW Abel - The Silent Prophet (HTML) - (PDF) - A response to the article "How Was Abel a Prophet?" by Lee Anderson, Jr., Answers in Genesis Vol. 9 No. 1 (Jan-Mar, 2014): 54.

New Covenant (New Testament):

Matthew's Gospel - Evidence for a Hebrew Autograph (HTML) - (PDF) - Updated April 18, 2016

How Many Times was Jesus Anointed by Women? (HTML) - (PDF) - The three anointings of Jesus

Was Jesus born on Christmas? (HTML) - (PDF) - A strong argument in favor of Christmas 2 BC


The Stranger in the bible (HTML) - (PDF) - Immigration and the biblical perspective

Divorce (HTML) - (PDF)    Biblical attitudes towards divorce

The Tel Dan Stelle (HTML) - (PDF)     including the 'house of David'

Book Reviews:

The NIV and the NJPS compared (HTML) - (PDF)   Two Dynamic Equivalent versions compared

Whose Land? Whose Promise? What Christians Are Not Being Told about Israel and the Palestinians - Gary M. Burge (HTML) - (PDF)   Review by Mark S Haughwout

Links to Online Biblical Resources:

Creation Wiki - Online encyclopedia from a Biblical creationist standpoint

Associates for Biblical Research - Biblical archaeology and more

Answers in Genesis - science supports the Biblical account of creation.

Divorce - just don't do it!

Tattoos - a Judeo-Christian NoNo!

Fasting - Biblical principles

Yahudim Lman Yeshua - Personal testimonies by Israelis about Jesus (in Hebrew) - learn about Yeshua (Jesus) and answers for tough questions (in Hebrew)

Israel Pro-Life - saving babies in Israel!

Compassion International - sponsor a child in a foreign country.

Gospel for Asia - support indigenous missionaries for a fraction of the cost of a foreign missionary.

Christian Motorcyclists Association - Brothers on two wheels.

Blue Letter Bible -free Online bible search tools including concordances, dictionaries, Hebrew and Greek and more

Messianic Prophecies - a list of Old Testament passages traditionally understood by Jews to be messianic.

Open DNS - Free!  Protect yourself and your family from porn or social media or whatever you want to filter.

Virtue Media - Producing pro-life commercials that air on MTV and BET including the interview with Norma McCorvey (plaintiff in Roe v Wade)

Vision Video - Wholesome movies and important documentaries at great prices

Voice of the Martyrs - information about followers of Jesus being persecuted around the world


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