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Flagstaff Singletrack Trail Maps

For the best maps of the trails in the Flagstaff Area, check out the info below. 

Dale Wiggins' maps are some of the best for the Peaks areas around Flagstaff

The very best, most complete, up to date maps are by Derek Brownlee - Thanks Derek for posting these maps!! 

Note: None of the above maps are complete and some old trails that are now closed currently show up on these maps.  Additionally there are several 'hidden' trails that are not on any of the maps.

Most of the Singletrack trails west of and including Schultz Creek trail have been put in by Dirt Bikers and those trails are also largely maintained by Dirt Bikers, so PLEASE don't complain against our motorized friends - Mountain bikers, hikers and horse riders all get to use these trails because of Dirt Bikers!

Sedona Mountain Bike Trail Maps

John Finch has produced numerous excellent maps for the Sedona trails.  Start here

When riding in Sedona, stay on trail and/or slickrock.  Riding off trail, though legal mostly, is bound to get you some thorns in your tires.  I literally had about 50 thorns in one tire from just a short ride off trail. 


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