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Please visit the following websites that I have designed and manage:

Flagstaff Chess Club

Nitro Electric - local Flagstaff electrician

MSHpics - my photography portfolio site

Highwood Construction and Remodeling - serving Flagstaff

Studio Patchwork - Audio Recording Studio in Flagstaff

Bici-Mundo - Bicycle shop in Flagstaff

Stix and Stones Landscaping - serving Flagstaff and Sedona

Guidlines for good website design:

  • Keep it simple.  Customers are looking for information, not for confusion.
  • Avoid Flash based sites for most purposes.  Most web surfers are looking for information, not pizzaz.
  • Easy Navigation - Let customers find what they are looking for quickly.
  • Accurate Keywording to help Search Engines.


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  Terror Attack  

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